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The Most Dangerous Airports You Can Go For Action

The Most Dangerous Airports You Can Go For Action

Some of list airport mostly about biggest or bad airport in the world! But this list is different. You can use those airport if you are ready for tension! Here is the most dangerous airports in the world! Are you ready for action?

1-Agatti Aerodrome Lakshadweep Airport, India


Looking awesome! Feels like swimming on the plane. You should try if u have a chance.

2- Courchevel Airport, France


This airport is a little bir sloping. Because of that it is always dangerous. Actions never ends!

3- Gibraltar Airport


This airport build it half of way. So everytime when plane came up traffic is stop! It is a bit strenge to wait for the pass to plane. But it is fun!

4- Ice Runway Airport, Antartica


This airport is full of ice and snow. All the time! So pilots are have to be so carefull. Because can be crush or stuck to ice or snow. Happens all the time!

5- Juancho E. Yrausquin, Saba


It is like to fly directly to cliff. Really it is fell like that way. Could be happen any second! Really action.

6- Kansai International Airport, Japan


If Japans do it will be safe and strong! This airport could be like this. But there is just one way to the land.

7- Madeira Airport, Portugal


Airport land it’s so thin. Pilots are have to be so carefull. Most of them just change to direction in last second to be safe.

8- Paro Airport, Bhutan


Mountains are so shallow in there. Flight visibility are so tight. There is just 8 pilot in the world to allowed to landon the airport.

9- Princess Juliana Airport, St. Maarten


Imagine you do sunbathe on the beach and just suddenly some plane passed over your head! Most of tourist go to do that beach just for that.

10- Quamdo Airport, Bamda


This airport is dangerous because of the altitude. So high and all the time is windy. Airplane need to at least 5 km. to land the airport.

11- Svalbard Airport Longyear, Norway


For me it is the best of the list most dangerous airports. There is nothing to people can’t do. This is the simple example. Here is a human-make ice airport! Ice and snow made afterward. Need to be all the time keep cold.

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