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Airline Review American Airlines

Airline Review American Airlines

American Airlines (AA) is the biggest world’s airline when measured by fleet size, revenue, and scheduled passenger-kilometres flown. Second largest by a number of destinations served. Very famous in the USA and the other countries. They have many different hubs in different airports. American Airlines together with the other partners operates an extensive international and domestic network with an average of nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. So here is some we collect airline review American Airlines.

Good and Positive:

“AA saved my vacation!”
I was in near panic mode a day before an ice storm was forecast to hit the Raleigh area. I made the decisions to see if I could move my flight up a day. I was actually on the phone with AA trying to see what it would cost me when I received a text message (I signed up for text notifications) a full 2 days in advance of the scheduled departure that the flight was going to be cancelled. The person on the phone immediately moved me to a flight a day earlier and because I had a business fare, moved my to first class on both legs since business class was not available on the new flights. YEA!! If I had not been able to do this, I would have had to wait nearly 3 days to get out of Raleigh. Thanks AA>
“Comfortable, Leaving on scheduele, not expensive.”
New airplane, cheap cost for baggage, good and kind service (they offer a snack and beverages for free). In-flight entertainment is rich and interesting.
Good service, recommended.
“Reasonable cost and on time.”
The flight was on time. They offered beverage service, and then a water coffee service. Did not have problems retrieving our bags, would fly them again.
“Great experience with American Airlines”
American Airlines has hired some very nice people to work for them. I was impressed at how they handled the travelers that had special needs. The flight attendants went out of their way to make sure all travelers on this flight were as comfortable as possible.

Need to Improve:

This airline review should be considered.

“horrible, flight kept getting delayed, missed connection, ended up renting a car and driving the rest of the way”
Worse experience. We were heading to Indianapolis (flight from Newark connection in Philly) flight kept getting delayed. My daughter had a competition to attend the next day. We ended up flying to Ohio renting a car and driving the rest of the way. Same problem with delays on the way home

“Let Us Know in Advance We Need to Bring Our Own Food”
It’s been a while since I last flew cross country and I know that airline service isn’t what it used to be, but not having enough food on board for passengers to purchase on a cross-country trip was not fun. If American would let us know we should bring our own, I would. Instead the steward acted as if I was a moron when I questioned why they didn’t have any more food when they got to serving my row (Row 25). We weren’t even offered extra cookies — just left to be hungry.

“Won’t Accommodate Even For Their Own Mistakes”
My mother booked this flight because I am due to give birth soon and she wanted to be here to help me. AA cancelled her flight, claiming weather issues. However, almost no other flights were cancelled coming into Charlottesville or out of Chicago. The weather is perfectly fine for the next several hours at both locations (50 degrees, no rain in Chicago and light showers in Charlottesville). Weather was clearly not an issue. Her flight into Chicago had few passengers, and there were few people at ORD. AA also cancelled a flight to Charlottesville from Charlotte, which also got in late at night. It looks like AA just had few passengers, and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. However, AA refused to work with her to get her to the Charlottesville airport at a reasonable time, and put her on a flight to Richmond instead, which is over an hour away from Charlottesville. I am unable to pick her up because the airport is too far away from home and I could go into labor at any time. AA refused to put her in a hotel for the cancelled flight, or to pay for a rental car or cab to get her from Richmond to Charlottesville. AA’s service is very poor and should be ashamed for blaming the weather just so it wouldn’t have to provide hotel service. The company added a lot of stress to my family and myself, a pregnant woman.

If you have any comments, complain or review about American Airlines, dont hesitate to share with Airport Diary.

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