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Anadolu Jet Airline Review

Anadolu Jet Airline Review

Anadolu Jet is sub airline of Turkish Airlines. They serve a flight just domestic flight in Turkey. It is famous and second option after and almost quailty as much as Turkish Airlines. But like every airline company they have a good and need to improve review. Here is the Anadolu Jet Airline Review.

Good and Positive:

“Nice Flight”
The main hubs of Turkey are Istanbul or Ankara for airlines. There are others but these two are the main hubs. AnadoluJet’s hub is Ankara but this time it took me from Kars to Istanbul. It was a very simple flight. No TV but it gave me really good hot food even on a 1.5 hour flight. It was cheap compared to USA flights of same distance.

“The best option for SAW-EDO”
I choose AnadoluJet for my Istanbul to Gulf of Edremit flights. Pegasus ansld Borajet also fly here. Pegasus is usual Pegasus, the same problems. Borajet is expensive but good. AnadoluJet is cheap and simple. Nothing more nothing less. You don’t see hosts and hostesses asking for coins in this 45 minutes of flight. In domestic lines the quality of Turkish Airlines is descreasing every year. So if AnadoluJet has a flight to my destination in domestic flights I first prefer AnadoluJet. It is the best low cost carrier for me because it is always calmer than any flights of Pegasus.

“Decent Cheap Airline”
Decent and basic pretty well sum up the experience . Better legroom than many competitors make Anadolu a solid bet.

Need to Improve:

“Late for everything”
I fly with Turkish airlines which is my first choice for all international travel. Anadolu jet is Turkish Airlines domestic service within Turkey. Every flight I took with them was late, even though I am star alliance gold member, they don’t take frequent flier cards or even offer premium service to fly or checkin.

Their ground crew is better suited to 3rd world country bus terminal, they are rude, don’t speak English and unhelpful to the point of being insulting. The seats are small and uncomfortable and food is a soggy sandwich.

My elderly mom and I stuck with 4 hour delayed flight and they didn’t even offer any compensation or anything while we waited at a cold terminal from 11:00pm- 3:00am.

“A terrible trip with 2 different Turkish airlines”
The flight was scheduled to depart at 15:45. We arrived at the airport at 14:30. There was no information at any time that the flight time had been changed to 17:45 either over the tannoy or by staff, as we waited at the airport desk to put our baggage in. We actually noticed that the time has changed on the departures board 30 mins before the original departure time and went to ask staff.The flight finally departed at 18:30. When we arrived at Istanbul SAW airport and finally reached the Pegasus airlines desk to get the flight home to Stansted London airport, we had missed the flight and that was the start of another nightmare with another Turkish airline which I shall do another review on!

“The worse airline that I have seen ever”
This cowboy airline is the worse airline that I have ever seen. I had a flight from Ercan to Antalya via Ankara. We had delay from Ercan to Ankara, 1,5 hours. Then when we arrived in Ankara the ground staff told us that we cannot fly to Antalya because the flight was overbooked and they re-booked us from the last flight in the evening to the first flight in the morning. I have objected for this but the ground staff told us directly that it was our fault to book a flight with Anadolujet because they were saying that Anadolujet was doing these kind of thing daily. I wanted to complain about this but it was not possible. They don’t want that the travelers are complaining at the desk and don’t give any complain forms. They just directed us to the website of Anadolujet to complain. I don’t advice any one to fly with Anadolujet. It’s really a cowboy airline.

This airline review should be really considered and need to improve.

If you have any comment or complain about any airline company, do not hesitate to share with Airport Diary. We will make to be heard.

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