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Norwegian Airlines Review

Norwegian Airlines Review

This time we talk about Norwegian Airlines review. It is the third biggest low-cost airlines in the Europe, and the second one in Scandinavia countries. It is very good low-cost airline and they have very good service.

Good Reviews:

“The best budget airline in Europe”
Best part 1 – fast track boarding.

Best part 2 – free onboard internet.

Cheap, efficient and super value.

“Excellent; premium class”
We took them and were really impressed. Check in was super and there is a seperate line for premium however at fll you do not get special treatment at passport control nor is there a lounge. At the departure gate that was somewhat disorganized and it wasn’t really apparant premium would board first. We had two seats on the side. I do not think all premium class passengers in the center rows have functional overhead bins. Food was good, service was great. Premium bags in our case came off the flight last. Even though the planes are very new, premium seats show some wear. I would do this again anytime. It could well be that economy is a “zoo’ but people should be aware of what they are paying for and leave it at that. Premium is the way to go if you can afford it; lots of room.

“Fabulous aircraft”
I absolutely love flying with Norwegian air. New planes and they are always spotless, with free Wifi available too.

“Great budget Airline”
Great airline, nice seats, standard food options in flight, however very professional staff, will always try to use them when we can.

Need to be Improve:

We ready many and many airline review about Norwegian Airlines, but it was very hard to find “bad” reviews about that. Almost all of them was good and positive reviews.

“Awful experience! Bad company!”
One of the most awful experiences I ever had while travelling. They cancelled our flight 2 hours before departure while it was the 31st of December! They provided no help, no information and no alternatives. They took no responsibility and they didn’t care at all. I’ve never been treated so bad in my whole life! We had to book again with a different company and we actually had to spend New Year’s Eve in another airport waiting for the transit. Would never fly again and would definitely not recommend it!

“Awful service”
AWFUL SERVICE!! My family had our flights booked with you, and have done for months. Today we got an email to say there had been a change to our flights. We went from having direct daytime flights to Croatia, to our flights leaving and returning a day earlier going via Helsinki at MIDNIGHT with a wait until 8 in the morning. We have 3 small children who have been really excited about this holiday for months which is why we specifically booked convenient flight times, and we all now feel extremely upset about this. When I called to query this the woman on the phone was uninterested and just repeatedly asked if we wanted to accept the flights or cancel our booking. We had booked a hotel, parking, and numerous other extras that we have now had to cancel at our own cost. Disgusting treatment of your customers, and I will be going out of my way to tell everyone I know to AVOID NORWEGIAN AIR!!!!

“Unprofessional airline”
Norwegian should stick to local nordic transportation. They are an immature and unprofessional long haul carrier. This is the third time they miss our connecting flight due to delays. They express no understanding at all and provide faulty, fragmented information throughout their halfhearted service. Pick other airlines.

If you have any good comment or complain about Norwegian Airlines, please do not hesitate to share with Airport Diary. Make them hear it.

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