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EasyJet Airline Review

EasyJet Airline Review

EasyJet is a British Airline which based London Luthon Airport. They are operating low-cost carrier flights. Also it operates domestic and international flights over 800 routes in more than 30 countries. They have almost 11.000 employees and getting growing. We make some edit about EasyJet Airline review to see very good comments and some feedback need to improve.

Good and Positive:

“Cheap and Cheerful”
I travelled with easyJet to Linate, Italy in September 2016. I went for 12 days to go and visit my best friend. The airline was cheap and cheerful: it was inexpensive. The flight wasn’t bad at all. The only complaint I had was the the return flight was delayed by about 20 minutes, but that was okay since my coach home was not for a few hours. Will use this service again.

“budget price but fantastic staff”
This was the return leg of a visit to Paphos to see my parents. A very short trip flying out on Friday and back on Monday 30th Jan. The plane was clean and there was plenty of room once sat down in my seat to stretch my legs. I travelled with my daughter but due to my computer crashing when picking my seats , we were allocated separate seats a good 10 rows apart. Once on board I asked if my daughter and i could be seated together – a lovely steward who’s name I didn’t get however, he was on Andrew’s team if you’re reading Easyjet – said he would see what he could do!! The staff were having a bit of a nightmare on this flight as it appeared that families had been split up who presumed they would be sitting together (all due to Martin Lewis telling people not to pay extra to book their seats apparently!!) As it turned out,, my daughter ended up on a row all to herself so the steward said it was ok for me to move. The flight arrived back in Manchester 20 minutes early which was amazing as I was in work the following day!! I love Easyjet. Nice planes (Airbus A320), generally lovely staff and fast check in and take off. Not bad for £67!

“Great price, good service”
easyJet hit the mark for us in cost – it’s a budget airline for sure – but also in quality of service and ease of booking, check in and flight. Based on helpful information on the easyJet website, we knew what to expect and booked our luggage in advance to save money. We also upgraded to ensure we were able to board first – this also helped with our airport check in experience.
The boarding process is a bit unique – at least from our experience. They have you line up before the other passengers have disembarked, so ensure a speedy boarding. If your plan is there, the wait is short, if your plane is not there, it means you have to stand around for a bit – but overall not much of a hassle.
The aircraft seats were to be expected for the airline, firm and narrow, but ours was a short flight. The cabin crew were extremely friendly and helpful.
Overall, we would definitely fly with them again.

Airline review is important because it is customer power to show the companies to change something. If no one tell reviews like above it will not change anything.

Needs Improvement:

“Poor customer service online and staff availability”
Absolutely poor customer service online, I genuinely don’t think anybody in the compensation department know what they are doing. Flight was delayed for 5-6 hours, but they it was due to weather, which the first hour and a half was but the rest was due to NO STAFF AT THE AIRPORT to cover our flight!! Me and my group all got a text stating this and it has been dismissed! I have spoken 6 different via email and it seems none of them even care about why I’m complaining. If I could id have put less than terrible.

I have travelled with this airline before and will do again.
This time my wife and I are traveling to Malaga, and when doing the online booking I entered the wrong date for both of us, I noticed this and corrected within 30 minutes….cost us £78 to do so, now that is a rip off in any language!!

“Easyjet the airline that just doesn’t care”
On board drinks and food exhorbitant prices and not heated up properly hence toilet all next day ,luggage was lost for over a week easyjet just not interested never ever again !!! i thought it rather dangerous when an airline does not know where your luggage is anything could go on board, easyjet do not know or care !! As for complaining to customer service all they responded with was it was not their department that lost the luggage complain to the right department,a total waste of time !!!!!

If you have any good comments,feedback need to improve or airline review about EasyJet, please do not hesitate share with Airport Diary.

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